What To Do After Pest Control Sprays?

Living with pests is terrible, and breathing inside the premises where there are residues of pest control products is not safe either. If a chemical can kill a rodent, a cockroach, or any other pests, it can harm a human being and a pet too. Well dealing with pests is easy with professional help and pest control sprays but what to do after pest control sprays?

We have heard the same question millions of times from our clients. It’s true that all the products we use are state-approved, on a scale of 1 to 10 the risks involved get a 2 or 3.  However, a thorough cleaning could mitigate the temperament of the pest control treatment. 

When it’s about the well-being and safety of dear ones and pets, nobody wants to take a chance. And we totally understand that! Because of that reason, today we are here with our professional guide on what to do after pest control sprays. So give it a tight read before taking any step.

Do After Pest Control Sprays

So What To Do After Pest Control Sprays?

The simplest answer to this question is: wait before engaging in a cleaning program. Different pest control treatments involve different approaches. While rodent infestation elimination relies on poisonous baits and mechanical traps, the fly and insect control program includes fog, gels, sprays, etc.

And before cleaning the surface after a professional treatment, you first give the solvents, sprays, and solutions time to dry out. Also, avoid mopping and wiping the hot spots of the infestation immediately after the treatment as it can lessen the power of the invisible chemical traps and barriers, welcoming more pests.

As a golden thumb rule, you should opt for light cleaning for the first few days. To be more precise, for the next three to five days. Moreover, skip vigorous, cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping for at least two weeks followed by the treatment.

  • Make sure the food is not contaminated during the process

Not just the surface of your premises that can pose health risks after a pest control treatment, the contaminated food can equally be harmful. So, besides considering the cleaning program, protecting the food from getting contaminated is equally important in the “what to do after pest control sprays” to-do list!

Cover all the food items even the raw fruits and veggies during the pest control treatment. Also, wipe out your meal table, kitchen appliances, or any other culinary gear before using. And make sure not to consume any food if you’re unsure about it.

  • Mend cracks, crevices, and all the possible entrances of pests

The whole investment and effort in pest control treatment will go in vain if you do not think about preventive measures. Pests tend to return to their formal addresses soon after the effect of treatment is over. That is why you must seal all the possible entrances, preventing their reinvasion. This include:

●     Gaps

●     Cracks

●     Holes

●     Vent openings

●     Small holes between the attic and roof

●     Cracks around pipes 

Keeping these home issues unaddressed can lead to re-infestation. So you must not take them lightly. You can seek help from your pest control professionals.

  • Check your furniture pieces and clothing before using

Though most professional pest control treatment does not ask for any special cleaning services for furniture and clothing. However, there are a few types of treatment that could leave lingering residue on your clothing as well as furnishings.

But following the thumb rule, make sure to do the washing things after 3 days of the treatment. For more safety, you can consider acquiring professional furnishing cleaning services after the 3-day period is over.

Also, make sure not to move your furniture especially if you have received termite and bed bug infestation. Doing this could show a negative reaction, spreading the pests throughout the premises. Before taking any step, consult with the pest control experts who have served you.

  • Don’t forget to eliminate the trash

The whole efforts of pest control treatment become useless if you keep the trash on your premises unattended. If you do not dispose of the trash right away after professional pest care, those pesky pests could find a new shelter there, spreading their numbers silently. That is why pest control professionals keep suggesting disposing of the litter and cleaning the ones that can be recycled.

Wet materials like damp paper, mulch, and moisture-retaining stuff could give birth to roaches and other pests. So you must eradicate all the wet litter immediately followed by a pest care treatment.

  • Scheduling a follow-up service is a must

Well, there are two sides to the same coin. The pest control products used in the current day can be less harmful, but they take more time to show results as well! So if you are wondering what to do after pest control sprays, arrange a follow-up service! It takes around three to six weeks for the treatment plan to remove the pests completely. After that, you must seek professional help to inspect your premises to check for signs of remaining pests.


We hope there’s no more doubt in your head regarding “what to do after pest control sprays”. Add all the aforementioned tasks to your to-do list and enjoy sound living in safer, healthier, and pest-free premises.