Pest Treatment

711 Pest Treatment Services

Spider & Ant Removal

Our pest control agents employ tailor-fit pest control solutions for removing ants and spiders from your eaves, roof void, garden, window frames, and fences subfloor, based on the infestation size and pest species. We primarily use environmental-friendly pest control treatment, removing the ant and spider infestation from the roots. During the treatment, our experts mainly use baits and mild insecticides that only deter the pest and are safe for the pets in your home.

Rodents, Rats, and Mice

We offer specialised rodent, rat, and mouse control solutions by setting up bait stations inside and outside your property. If the infestation is severe and regular baits fail to show effective results we opt for rodenticides and fumigation techniques to get rid of the annoying and harmful pests. While using chemicals, we employ utmost safety measures keeping the poisons out of reach of your kids and pests. Besides controlling rodents, rats, and mice, our professionals help in discarding dead pests along with the foul odour.

Wasps and Bees 

Bees produce honey, and both bees and wasps help in pollination. That is why even though they are considered pests, the Australian governments believe in preserving both insects. Following the norms and regulations, set by the state law, we rescue the wasps and bees with the help of the beekeepers and relocate them to a safe distant place along with their nests and beehives. Finally, we seal the cracks, holes, and all other entrance points to halt future infestation risks.

Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Fleas, The Bed Bug, Moths, And Fly Removal 

In order to get rid of pests like carpet beetles, silverfish, bed bugs, flies, and fleas, our pest control specialists utilise non-toxic chemical solutions to spray on infested surfaces like mattresses, carpets, curtains, and other home interior parts. Even the most challenging household areas, like the attics, subfloors, etc., are treated. To remove the pests from hot spot areas, we can either opt for insecticide misting or use the fumigation method. You might need to leave the area for a few hours throughout the treatment process.

Cockroach Control

We set up baits and traps, and use roach-repellent solvents and sprays, etc., to remove roach infestation from your home completely. Our Cockroach Control professionals even seal the crack, and holes to halt them from coming back.

Possum Removal

As per the Australian government, our possum catchers release the marsupials outside your premises without hurting them. If possible we install a possum box outside for them.