What Smell Keeps Rats Away?

Rats are pesky creatures that can cause significant damage to your home and property. They’re notorious for chewing through wires, furniture, and even concrete, and they can carry diseases that pose a risk to humans and pets. One way to keep rats at bay is to use smell as a deterrent. 

Here are some of the most effective smells that can keep rats away

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural rat repellent that works because rats find the scent overwhelming. Simply add a few drops of peppermint oil to cotton balls and place them around your home in areas where rats may be likely to enter, such as near entryways, vents, and pipes.


Rats have a highly sensitive sense of smell, and the strong odor of ammonia can be highly unpleasant for them. Soak a few rags in ammonia and place them in areas where rats are likely to frequent, such as in attics or basements. Be sure to wear gloves and avoid inhaling the fumes.

Eucalyptus Oil

Like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil is a natural rat repellent that can be used to keep rats away from your property. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil with water and spray the solution around your home, paying special attention to areas where rats are likely to enter.


Garlic has a strong scent that rats find repulsive. Crush a few cloves of garlic and place them in areas where rats are likely to enter, or sprinkle garlic powder around the perimeter of your home. This is one of the most effective and easily available home based remedy to keep rats away. 


Onions contain sulfur compounds that can be highly unpleasant for rats. Simply cut an onion in half and place it in areas where rats are likely to enter, such as near entryways or in the basement.


Cinnamon is a natural rat repellent that can be used to keep rats away from your home. Sprinkle cinnamon powder around the perimeter of your home, or mix a few drops of cinnamon oil with water and spray the solution around your home.

In addition to using these scents to repel rats, it’s important to keep your home clean and free of clutter. Rats are attracted to areas that offer food and shelter, so be sure to store food in airtight containers, seal up any cracks or holes in your home’s foundation, and keep your home free of clutter.

Homely Ways To Keep The Rats Away:

Maintain cleanliness: The first step in keeping rats away is to ensure that your workplace is clean and hygienic. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all areas, especially the kitchen and food preparation areas, will help to remove any food sources that rats may be attracted to.

Seal entry points: Rats can enter buildings through small cracks and gaps. Inspect your workplace thoroughly for any entry points and seal them with caulk, steel wool, or other materials to prevent rats from getting in.

Use traps: Traps are an effective way to catch rats. You can use snap traps or glue traps to capture rats. Place them in areas where rats are likely to travel, such as along walls, near food sources, or in dark corners.

Use ultrasonic devices: Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sound waves that rats find unpleasant, which can help to repel them. Place these devices in areas where rats are likely to be, such as basements or attics.

Keep garbage properly stored: Rats are attracted to garbage, so it’s important to ensure that all garbage is stored properly in sealed containers and removed regularly.


In conclusion, there are several scents that can be used to keep rats away from your home. Peppermint oil, ammonia, eucalyptus oil, garlic, onions, and cinnamon are all effective natural rat repellents that can be used to keep your property pest-free. Try using these scents around your home, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re taking steps to keep rats at bay.

If you have a serious rat infestation, it’s best to hire a professional pest control company. They will be able to identify the extent of the infestation and provide targeted solutions to get rid of the rats.

Even if your home appears clean and tidy, it does not mean that your premises are pest-free. Bed bugs can make your home their shelter, no matter how well-cleaned or hygienic it is.  Known as the hitchhikers of the insect planet, bed bugs tend to latch onto your clothing, mattresses, bags, shoes, etc, multiplying their numbers in no time. And if left untreated for long, they can build their own kingdom in your place giving you sleepless nights and painful bites.  

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work

Since these pests nest into your personal gear, using pesticides is not at all appropriate as it can lead to several threatening consequences. And this is when the need for bed bug heat treatment arises. Though a lot of people assume heat treatment will not be very much effective to eradicate bed bug infestation. But truth to be told, heat treatment or fumigation is the most excellent way of getting rid of these pests, and sometimes it shows better results than chemicals. And to prove the authenticity of our point, today we are here with our explanation of 5 reasons why bed bug heat treatment is effective.  

How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Before jumping into the core topic, i.e., the efficiency of the heat treatment, we first want you to know how the heat treatment actually works. Bed bugs are not very friendly to heat and warmth. When the temp rises to 117 to 112 degrees F,  it becomes lethal for the pest. The temperature keeps rising until all the bed bugs are eradicated in the process.  

To permeate the infested items, they are put inside hot boxes for an extended period, and gradually, the heat is increased. In case of heavy infestation, high-powered 500,000 BTU heaters are employed. Since there is no use of chemicals or pesticides, you can use your gears safely after that. 

 5 Reasons Bed Bug Heat Treatments are Effective 

Bed bugs and heat never share a good relationship, and taking advantage of it, pest exterminators use this technique to clear the pest. Let’s check what are the reasons that make bed bug heat treatment so much effective: 

  • Heat Treatment Clears The Undetected Bed Bugs 

These nasty buggers that leave red painful bites on your skin are very hard to find. These tiny annoying bugs quickly hide inside wall crannies, nooks of your room, tiny holes, etc., whenever they smell a threat. This makes the inspection program very tough.

Even if you dispose of your bed bug-infested furnishings, mattresses, and clothing, they would again make their come back. There is a fine way of removing bed bugs and preventing their infestation, i.e., heat treatment. Bed bugs can never run away from the heat and ultimately lose their lives. 

  • Clears The Pesticide-Resistant Bed Bugs 

During the growth cycle, bed bugs shed their outer skin layer around 5 times. If they have been exposed to any pesticide or sprays, they can form a separate shield on their body that can resist the chemical substance. Some bugs even secrete offspring, making them resistant to any chemical substance. And it’s impossible to kill a bed bug that can resist the pesticide, but the bed bug heat treatment works in all cases, ensuring guaranteed results. 

  • Only One Session Required 

Since bed bugs are very tiny, their presence is detected once they have infested a wide part of your home. Any regular chemical treatment would require multiple sessions, and could not even eradicate the infestation from the roots. On the other, only one session of heat treatment is enough to abolish the total bed bug infestation on your premises. 

  • No Evacuation Required 

Besides being safe and harmless compared to the chemical treatment, bed bug heat treatment does not even ask for an evacuation. This, in turn, makes it an effective choice for businesses and motels with a bed bug infestation. In heat treatment, a room can be treated without leaving any effects on the other rooms. This lets hotels and organisations continue their businesses while eradicating bed bugs from the infested area at the same time. 

  • No Residuals Left

The best thing about Bed bug heat treatment is safety. First of all, there’s no risk of endangering your premises with toxic and lethal chemicals. Secondly, unlike chemicals with heat treatment, there are no residuals. The only thing that is left is tons of dead bed bugs. As soon as your room comes to its normal temperature, it remains chemical-free and bed bug-free. In addition to that, the high heat kills all possible germs and bacteria, and viruses present on your property, promoting hygiene.


As you can see Bed bug heat treatment is very safe and effective in comparison with other extermination techniques available. The only thing you need to consider with heat treatment is to remove all the heat-sensitive items from the room and unplug the electrical appliances during the procedure.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Countless people often underestimate the dangers of flies. However, one should understand the dangers of flies an individual can face. In the forthcoming details, we will tell you Why Flies Infestations Should Never Be Underestimated

Flies often appear in the kitchen and can be irritating. They can cause annoying vibes in the environment and surroundings. Plus, these dangerous flies can contaminate hazardous food items.  Staying in flies-infested areas will frustrate you too much; therefore, you need to stay away from these. If you need to know more about them, continue reading the details below. Here we will discuss why you should not underestimate the dangers of Flies Infestation. 

Flies are not just bothersome; they can also make a person feel sick. Before getting sick due to flies infestation, you must read the details. Go through the article to know Why Flies Infestations Should Never Be Underestimated. 

Why Flies Infestations Should Never be Underestimated

Flies More Than Nuisance 

Pests are very annoying, and they can create a lot of nuisance. They are not only means of nuisance, but their presence is a crucial reason for causing diseases. People usually ignore pest infestation, but it leads to around 65 diseases. Yes, it is a truth. Pests are the primary health threats. They are prone to diseases and spread viruses, harmful bacteria, protozoa, and nematodes, which can create illness in individuals and pets. In addition, flies roam around in unsanitary areas like trash cans, dirt dumpsters, dustbins, etc. These pests carry harmful pathogens from those places and take them home. 

Undeniably, every individual sanitises their home and does cleansing every day. But more is needed. You should take professional pest control assistance, which always helps to keep the environment clean and healthy. If your property is stuck with a pest infestation problem, you should consider professional pest control services to deal with the problems. 

If flies are infested around or inside the kitchen, you should take care of this matter. Understand the concern very carefully. You must know that these flies can contaminate your food item. So it is better to treat the area to get rid of pests. The professionals will identify the infestation condition, breeding and dwelling sources, and every relatable thing with pests to find the best possible solutions for the problem.  

Cluster Flies V/S House Flies 

Cluster Flies and House Flies both look similar, but they are different. Unfortunately, there are numbers of people who feel like both are the same. Most often, cluster flies are mistaken as house flies. 

It is hard enough to differentiate between cluster flies and house flies. There are a few ways that help to determine the identification of flies:

  • Cluster Flies are a bit larger in comparison to house flies. 
  • Cluster Flies have yellow or golden hairs on their body, but house flies do not carry such colour hairs. 
  • House Flies have a dark grey back and dark grey silver lines. On the contrary, the cluster flies do not have such identification. 
  • Cluster flies are not likely to be found in the kitchen, but they are present in attics. At the same time, the house flies are found in the kitchen. 
  • You cannot find cluster flies along its name – these flies are available in the cluster. 

These flies can contaminate food items and even leads to so many diseases. Therefore, you should call for professional help to control the flies and pest infestation. 

Why Are The Homes Filled With Flies Infestation? 

When your home is filled with a fly infestation, then you should contact a professional to get it controlled. Apart from this, it would help if you considered the pre-inspection treatment to understand where the breeding site is established from where the flies are entering your property. It is important to track down the breeding site or dwelling site so that the flies can be easily removed from your property. Professionals are perfect for understanding the problems related to flies. They can easily track down the dwelling and breeding site for pests and flies all. However, professional pest control services will understand and train the breeding sites from where the flies are entering your property. 

How Will The Professionals Help?

To control the flies, you must understand the significance of professional pest control services. However, you should learn why flies infestations should never be underestimated. These flies lead to so many diseases and several other problems. That is why it is essential to take help from a professional fly control service. To take help from pest control services, you can consider the top-rated services near your area.

How To Get Rid Of A House Fly Infestation

Living with pests is terrible, and breathing inside the premises where there are residues of pest control products is not safe either. If a chemical can kill a rodent, a cockroach, or any other pests, it can harm a human being and a pet too. Well dealing with pests is easy with professional help and pest control sprays but what to do after pest control sprays?

We have heard the same question millions of times from our clients. It’s true that all the products we use are state-approved, on a scale of 1 to 10 the risks involved get a 2 or 3.  However, a thorough cleaning could mitigate the temperament of the pest control treatment. 

When it’s about the well-being and safety of dear ones and pets, nobody wants to take a chance. And we totally understand that! Because of that reason, today we are here with our professional guide on what to do after pest control sprays. So give it a tight read before taking any step.

Do After Pest Control Sprays

So What To Do After Pest Control Sprays?

The simplest answer to this question is: wait before engaging in a cleaning program. Different pest control treatments involve different approaches. While rodent infestation elimination relies on poisonous baits and mechanical traps, the fly and insect control program includes fog, gels, sprays, etc.

And before cleaning the surface after a professional treatment, you first give the solvents, sprays, and solutions time to dry out. Also, avoid mopping and wiping the hot spots of the infestation immediately after the treatment as it can lessen the power of the invisible chemical traps and barriers, welcoming more pests.

As a golden thumb rule, you should opt for light cleaning for the first few days. To be more precise, for the next three to five days. Moreover, skip vigorous, cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping for at least two weeks followed by the treatment.

  • Make sure the food is not contaminated during the process

Not just the surface of your premises that can pose health risks after a pest control treatment, the contaminated food can equally be harmful. So, besides considering the cleaning program, protecting the food from getting contaminated is equally important in the “what to do after pest control sprays” to-do list!

Cover all the food items even the raw fruits and veggies during the pest control treatment. Also, wipe out your meal table, kitchen appliances, or any other culinary gear before using. And make sure not to consume any food if you’re unsure about it.

  • Mend cracks, crevices, and all the possible entrances of pests

The whole investment and effort in pest control treatment will go in vain if you do not think about preventive measures. Pests tend to return to their formal addresses soon after the effect of treatment is over. That is why you must seal all the possible entrances, preventing their reinvasion. This include:

●     Gaps

●     Cracks

●     Holes

●     Vent openings

●     Small holes between the attic and roof

●     Cracks around pipes 

Keeping these home issues unaddressed can lead to re-infestation. So you must not take them lightly. You can seek help from your pest control professionals.

  • Check your furniture pieces and clothing before using

Though most professional pest control treatment does not ask for any special cleaning services for furniture and clothing. However, there are a few types of treatment that could leave lingering residue on your clothing as well as furnishings.

But following the thumb rule, make sure to do the washing things after 3 days of the treatment. For more safety, you can consider acquiring professional furnishing cleaning services after the 3-day period is over.

Also, make sure not to move your furniture especially if you have received termite and bed bug infestation. Doing this could show a negative reaction, spreading the pests throughout the premises. Before taking any step, consult with the pest control experts who have served you.

  • Don’t forget to eliminate the trash

The whole efforts of pest control treatment become useless if you keep the trash on your premises unattended. If you do not dispose of the trash right away after professional pest care, those pesky pests could find a new shelter there, spreading their numbers silently. That is why pest control professionals keep suggesting disposing of the litter and cleaning the ones that can be recycled.

Wet materials like damp paper, mulch, and moisture-retaining stuff could give birth to roaches and other pests. So you must eradicate all the wet litter immediately followed by a pest care treatment.

  • Scheduling a follow-up service is a must

Well, there are two sides to the same coin. The pest control products used in the current day can be less harmful, but they take more time to show results as well! So if you are wondering what to do after pest control sprays, arrange a follow-up service! It takes around three to six weeks for the treatment plan to remove the pests completely. After that, you must seek professional help to inspect your premises to check for signs of remaining pests.


We hope there’s no more doubt in your head regarding “what to do after pest control sprays”. Add all the aforementioned tasks to your to-do list and enjoy sound living in safer, healthier, and pest-free premises.

Since you spend good money on professional pest control services, you have full right to ask how long does pest control last. However, you cannot expect to get a one-line universal answer as a lot of aspects are involved in it. In simple words, several factors decide how long your home or workplace could stay pest-free after receiving professional treatment. Well, the pest species and the type of treatment you have received lead among all. Also, different premises respond to pest control solutions differently, relying on the location, weather conditions, etc. That means no two premises could get the same result as a common pest control service. To give you a decent idea of the duration of the pest control treatment results, we are gonna disclose the average result as per different pest types. So, stay tuned till the end!

How Long Does Pest Control

How Long Does Pest Control Last: A Brief Idea On Individual Pest Type

Everything comes with an expiry date so if the pest control treatment. Take a look at the different result duration of different pest types.

Ant Treatment:

Ants can be minuscule in size, but the problems they bring with them are major. From food contamination to attacking humans and pets with their painful bites, they are troublemakers. But you can easily get rid of them with professional pest control services. And if you’re asking how long pest control last, professionals mainly advise getting quarterly follow-up services after the complete extermination of the pest. During the pest control treatment,  you need to schedule a monthly professional inspection for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs might not carry or spread threatening diseases but they can surely annoy you and your pets with their bites. Again professional pest control services are the only option left to eliminate these pesky pests from your premises. Though bed bug infestation is effective, the duration of the result is indefinite.

To expect better results, you might need to discover the source of their entrance for a more solid treatment plan. Usually, bed bugs advent into your property through your furry friends. So, if you want professional treatment to show the long-term result, take care of your pets, and use anti-tick products to control the further infestation. Also, a yearly follow-up bed bug control treatment is suggested.  

Flying Insects Treatment

Flying insects such as flies, moths, etc., not just contaminate and spoil the edibles but also hinder the hygiene and well-being inside your property. Moths can even damage your pricey fabric materials as well! On top of that, no matter how effective pest control treatment you receive, these pests tend to come back to their former infested area frequently. Considering that, you would require pest control treatment for these winged foes every two to three months.

Termite Treatment

Termite infestation can take a massive shape in just a matter of weeks once they first build their nest. Termites spread their numbers really fast, build their colonies inside your premises, and feed on your wooden furnishings and foundation, making them hollow within.

Termite control can be pretty expensive, but you should never make any delay to get it once you start listening to the humming sound from your wooden sound. But if you want to know how long pest control last, you will be glad to know that liquid termite control treatment comes with a really long-term result, and is worth every penny!

 If precisely accomplished, your foundation can remain termite-free for as long as 5 to 10 years! Also, there is a less expensive method for termite treatment, called the bait stations, and it is likely to last around a year or more.

Cockroach Control Treatment

Usually, the mild insecticides used during the roach control treatment typically last for 3 weeks to 6 weeks. On the other hand, if you opt for the extreme roach removal treatment, you can expect the outcome to last for around 90 days, after that routine mild follow-up services are required to keep your premises from disease-spreading roaches.

Well, both mild and extreme treatment could show better results if you choose preventive barriers as well as follow the standard protocols like covering the litter bin, keeping the kitchen clean and grease, and using organic essential oils. 

Rodent Control Treatment

Mice, rats, etc., are literally the worst kind of pests that can invade your premises. They carry and spread life-risking diseases like hantavirus, Salmonella, and leptospirosis, attack you with painful bites that can further lead to rat bite fever and chew up electrical wires, important papers, wooden structures, welcoming more and more disaster. With the right amount of liquid-formed rodenticides, you can get rid of such an annoying pest.


But the question is how long does pest control last? Well, mentioning the exact time frame is not at all possible, but it can somewhat last between 3 to 6 months. Again, preventive measures such as sealing the holes, cracks, and crevices, and keeping the HVAC system clean can extend the duration. 

Guess we have cleared half of your doubt about how long does pest control last. If you pay attention to cleanliness, maintaining hygiene and practising good habits of discarding unnecessary scraps, you can live/ work in a home/office that is pest-free all year round.

You can hire 711 pest control Adelaide Services for best Pest control related services in Adelaide and nearby locations.

There are many pest control techniques available, ranging from do-it-yourself pest control to conventional pest extermination and ecofriendly pest control from a specialist eradicating firm. Any pest management attempts, regardless of the approach, are well worth the expense. Pest protection is always the finest first-line pest management tactic. Simple prevention strategies anybody can take include maintaining your place clean and well-sealed, maintaining your yard trimmed, and practising proper sanitation all across your residence. Pests, on the other hand, can be gutsy, and these attempts aren’t sufficient. Are pest control services worth the money? If this question is coming to your mind again and again then read this blog to find the worth of pest control services.

Are Pest Control Services Worth the Money?

Are Pest Control Services Worth The Money Actually?

Most individuals do not recommend employing a pest control service for a specific purpose. They believe it is expensive, so they should get rid of pests by themselves. DIY techniques are genuinely cost-effective. Hiring a specialist, on the other hand, is far superior due to its numerous advantages.

Let’s take a look at what these advantages are:

Saves you hours and energy- An outbreak may grow quicker than you believe or assume. As a result, it’s essential to keep in the brain how valuable time is. You only have a small period to innovate with the DIY technique, and you may even fail at the finish. Reliable and competent specialists aren’t named that for no reason. They are, in fact, specialists in the domain. They understand the finest strategy for each pest trouble, allowing them to settle the matter more quickly and efficiently.

Saves you funding- While numerous people question that Are pest control services worth the money? in fact, it helps you save money. Here’s why: attempting DIY methods postpones your opportunity to eliminate pest infestation. Particularly if you are unable to address the issue on the first try. Recognize that the longer it takes, the more likely the pests will become harsh. This also implies that you may be charged more by a pest control company to have it completely removed. To give an indication, the cost of the service varies according to the volume of the contaminated area.

You do not endanger your and your family’s wellness- Although there are a few organic pest control methods you can try on your own, one of the most suitable techniques used by experts in the use of toxic materials. It might not be managed by somebody who has only noticed the tag. Or somebody who hasn’t received appropriate instruction on how to utilise it. Consider the potential harm it could cause to you and your family. 

Productive- Attempting the do-it-yourself method is not a terrible idea at all. In reality, several of the do-it-yourself techniques you’ll find on the internet are impactful. However, it is dependent on the severity of the outbreak and how you carry out the steps you see on the internet. The most impactful pest control service is available. Pest control specialists are properly knowledgeable so that they can provide a more efficient approach to every scenario. Whether it’s an issue with rats, ants, insect larvae, or spiders, they’ll know exactly how to get rid of them.

They can discover the origin of the pest – Pest control professionals do not only kill recognisable pests. They track down the information to ensure that these organisms do not return to your location. Also, prevent future and additional infestations. It is critical to decimate their colonies, pest eggs, and anything else that attracts them so that they do not reproduce and multiply once more. 

Aids in the prevention of additional destruction- Some infestations potentially cause harm to your land. Rats and centipedes, for example. Such organisms may appear innocent due to their small size, but they can pollute your meals and cause significant damage to your home’s groundwork, equipment, and soft furnishings. Additionally, a rodent can start a fire in your home because they can chew through powerlines. So, forget about the question of Are pest control services worth the money? because they prevent additional destruction.

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